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The New PyHost Free Plan

By Angus Allman

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TL;DR PyHost now has a new free plan! You can use the link to get $100 of free credit with DigitalOcean so you can try PyHost for completely free!

I think one of the main blockers for getting people on-board was the need to pay upfront to even try the system. It’s something which, admittedly, I’ve been put off products by in the past. Why pay when you’ve no idea how good it’s going to be? With this question nagging at me I sat down and decided to figure it out once and for all and the new free plan is the result.

Included in the plan you can have one server with one site. The site will have a randomly generated subdomain of (to enable a custom subdomain you have to be on at least the “basic” plan). With this subdomain you can deploy a site and use it as much as you like. You still get all the other perks of PyHost.

If you like the system and want to upgrade to take advantage of multiple sites on one server and custom domains then you can upgrade via the profile page.

But what about the cost of Digital Ocean?

Good news on that front as well! Digital offers an affiliate programme and if you sign up by clicking this link ( then you can get $100 of free credit to play around with.

This means that the grand total for testing out PyHost and deploying your first Django site comes to… drum roll please… $0!

So why not sign up today and give it a try! If you have any questions you can simply email [email protected] to get in touch.

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